For one week, starting tonight, the Gertrude Street Association together with PROJECTIONTEKNIK will be lighting up some our favourite Gertrude Street locations after dark. The Gertrude Street Projection Festival sees a selection of artists projecting their own moving, still and installation pieces across 24 sites spanning the iconic Fitzroy thoroughfare.

The artists’ projections will be as diverse as they are delighting. Elaborating on the theme of ‘Hidden’, some installations will play out on hidden sites of Aboriginal history and community, while others will take a peek at the hidden lives of the Atherton Gardens Housing Estate residents, which will be projected straight onto the exterior of the Estate building.

Last year Kit Webster turned the exterior of Gertrude Hotel into Textavision, which invited participants to send one-word a text message, which was then translated into images and emblazoned across the building. Webster returns to the festival this year, creating an installation piece at Alice Edgeley.

Other sites include Southpaw, Rose Chong’s Costume House, Northside Records, Claypots and Gertrudes Brown Couch. The projections will shed some light on some hidden spaces and places, and the way that art and design can move us to celebrate community and diversity.

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival 6pm until midnight, July 22–31.