As part of its regular mission to promote up-and-coming artists, Seventh Gallery’s exhibitions often showcase the unexpected. The light-filled front room on Gertrude Street is currently a ball pit for James Parkinson’s Free Time. Parkinson and three other Melbourne artists explore how we make use of space – physical and digital – and things we consume: images, material goods, and in Parkinson’s work, time.

“The exhibitions are deliberately playful,” says gallery chair Brendan McCleary. "They offer a space to pause, reflect, and immerse yourself freely in the comfort of a leisurely moment."

As to the most pressing question: yes, you can play in the ball pit.

Seventh Gallery’s current exhibitions run from July 23–August 7 2015.

Tue to Sat 12pm–6pm:
Gallery One: Free Time, James Parkinson
Project Space: Rococo Deluxe Units, Terrence Combos
Gallery Two: Head Case, Cathyann Coady

Tue to Sat 6pm–12am
Night Screen: I looked the dog in the eyes, Clementine Edwards