Kiosk is a physical manifestation of designer Georgia Perry’s world – colour-soaked, trinket-filled, and fun in capital letters. Perry and her team designed the new concept store on Smith Street themselves, turning a former lingerie stop into a bubblegum pink container for Perry’s eponymous line of accessories, and gifts by local and international makers.

If you’re not familiar with Perry’s name, you’ve likely seen her work. Those brightly coloured enamel pins of Kanye’s face, a shiny fried egg or the fingers crossed emoji? All her.

“We wanted to harness all the beautiful items you don’t see every day and put that into one space,” Perry says. “It’s an all-encompassing experience rather than looking at stuff on a screen.”

On Kiosk’s mirrored shelves and colourful cabinets you’ll find La Cueva ceramics from Spain, GUR rugs from Portugal and Boy Smells candles from Los Angeles. Bon Lux candles and Tantri Mustika ceramics come from Melbourne, as do plenty of other items. In short, if it’s shiny, cute and well designed, there’s a place for it here.

Perry began her accessories brand nearly three years ago while working as a freelance artist.

“I was getting a bit burnt out working as a gun for hire, day-in-day-out for 17 hours a day, on the computer,” Perry says. “Accessories was a bit of a passive income.”

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Soon, her savvy side business became her main business. Perry now has 150 stockists around the world, including the luxury US department store Nordstrom, Paris boutique Colette and online retailer Shopbop. Aside from her trademark pins and brooches, Perry also designs and produces key rings, earrings, charms, bangles and scarves. More wearables are in the pipeline, plus a range of homewares.

Perry’s designs span anything from pop culture to animals – there’s no particular guiding premise, only a mission to create fun products (spoiler: the next range will be space-themed).

“Humour is always going to be part of what I do,” Perry says. “I love souvenirs and collecting things. I’m really excited to have a playroom to experiment, dream up a product and have it out on the shop floor.”

77 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Mon to Sun 11am–5pm