A Miracle Constantly Repeated is Patricia Piccinini’s first extensive hometown show in almost two decades, staged inside an abandoned ballroom above Flinders Street Station. It opened as part of Rising festival, which was cancelled during the latest lockdown in Melbourne.

The exhibition reopens from Friday June 18, and you can book tickets to see it until August 31.

Before lockdown, we sent Broadsheet photographer Jake Roden along to capture the artist’s surreal, hyperrealistic sculptures, as seen above. Speaking to writer Will Cox, the artist says her work is meant to have “a bit of a push-away effect”.

“It’s unknown – a bit icky – but the empathetic response brings us in,” she says.

Cox stepped into Piccinini’s Collingwood warehouse studio to learn more about the strange and wonderful world of one of Australia’s foremost artists. He found drawers overflowing with human and animal hair, half-finished eyes and plenty of anthropomorphised fleshy creatures.

Patricia Piccinini’s A Miracle Constantly Repeated runs until August 31. It is compulsory to wear masks at this event.