The Melbourne Fringe Festival begins today in Melbourne with a massive program of events and exhibitions bubbling on and under the surface of the city over the next couple of weeks. A vital resource for a range of creative practices, the fringe festival gives both emerging and established artists as well their audiences an array of fringe-dwelling opportunities in the realms of art, culture and design.

One event we think looks really good is the Fringe Furniture Exhibition at The Substation gallery in Newport. When thinking of fringe, one may expect something on the outer of the industry, something a little underground, something less than refined. But with regard to the Fringe Furniture Exhibition, the only thing ‘fringe’ about this exhibition is the location.

As the urban sprawl creeps outwards, designers image new possibilities for furniture and design at a gallery space in Newport. And so, responding to the theme The City has a Face and the Country has a Soul, Fitzroy based architect studio Edwards Moore have designed an abstract, undulating landscape within the confines of The Substation.

The Edwards Moore studio have spent the week setting up, laying a giant terrain of woodchips that runs the entire length of the gallery space to form a dynamic unifying terrain on which to display this year’s exhibits.

“People thrive best in environments that have other forms of life around, and flourish in spaces that are more like habitats and we thought it might be fun to bring the landscape to the substation,” say Ben Edwards of Edwards Moore.

Pieces on display will include Justin Lamont’s Shuttlecock Stool, Fukutoshi Ueno’s Multi Functional Stoll, Kate Stokes Coco Pendant, a large bronze and marble table by Daniel Barbera and the Lapel chair made of 100% recycled HDPE plastic by Stuart McFarlane.

The Fringe Furniture Festival opens tonight and runs from 23 September to 10 October at The Substation in Newport.