So much of a good restaurant experience is the setting, and it’s the same at home, with a picture-perfect tablescape helping take a dinner party to the next level. There are loads of brands – many of them Australian – selling incredible homewares perfect for parties, from elegant hand-blown wine glasses to gingham-printed tablecloths made from fabric that was destined for landfill. Here are five that will make your table, and your guests, happy.

Resin salad servers from Dinosaur Designs – $110
More than 30 years ago, Aussie homewares company Dinosaur Designs helped create the modern resin trend that’s now a feature of stylish kitchens across the world. Each of the brand’s brightly coloured pieces are unique, with their own beautiful shades and swirls. The salad servers are a popular choice for dinner party devotees: starting at $110 for a small pair, they look great perched atop a big bowl and are available in a wide variety of colours.

Ceramic nest bowls from Mud – $96
Mud Australia’s elegant ceramics are renowned for their simplicity. Made in Australia from French porcelain clay, all pieces are painted in one of the brand’s 17 shades before a clear glaze is applied to the interior (the exterior is left rough to wear over time). The brand sells loads of serving bowls in a range of sizes, but perhaps aim for the Nest Baby Bowls, which are perfect for a single serve of salad or pasta at a dinner party.

Tablecloths from Merri at Home – from $160
Buy a tablecloth, help save the world. That’s the general gist of retail store Merri at Home’s no-waste tablecloths, which are woven from fabric that was once destined for landfill. The tablecloths come in a range of patterns (such as bright purple and blue gingham) and add a touch of joy to any table. Fabrics vary, but all are machine washable so they can easily be saved from spills.

Bitossi wine glasses from Bed Threads – $200
If you trust your mates with expensive glassware (especially glassware that’s filled with wine), swap your cheap tumblers for something truly spectacular such as these wine goblets from Italian tableware brand Bitossi Home. Hand-blown in Tuscany, they have identical, decorative stems but each of the cups is unique in its shape. A set of six is available from Bed Threads, so no need to import them in your carry-on.

Candlesticks and holders from Alex and Trahanas – from $29
A collaboration with designer Louise Olsen, these brass candleholders from lifestyle store Alex and Trahanas (which sells homewares inspired by the Mediterranean) are wonderfully elegant and will develop a natural patina with age. Pair the candleholders with a set of tapered candles made in Kalamata, Greece, that are 100 per cent beeswax.

This article was produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Providoor.