When Brodie Lancaster first set her zine Filmme Fatales in motion, her intentions were to generate discussion about films that tell the stories of complex, interesting and – most importantly – real female characters. Although Filmme Fatales has spent its first two issues doing precisely that – discussing topics from how pornography affects women’s sex lives to thoughts on Beyonce’s role in feminism – Lancaster has made the shift from discussing such issues within the pages of a zine to discussing them in front of the big screen.

This Sunday, Filmme Fatales is teaming up with Speakeasy Cinema to present two films, Tomboy (France) and She Monkeys (Sweden), both written, directed by and starring women.

In the tradition of Boys Don’t Cry, Tomboy is a look at a young French girl, Laure, on the cusp of adolescence, who moves to a new town and takes to opportunity to introduce herself as Mikael and be treated as a boy.

Swedish drama She Monkeys is a slightly darker exploration of gender roles, political correctness and female friendships in the coming-of-age genre.

The connection between the themes in these films and the goal of Filmme Fatales is evident. “It meant a lot to me to have Ghita [Loebenstein] from Speakeasy reach out to me to co-present these two films with her. I've heard from people who have been motivated to go out and find the movies we talk about in Filmme Fatales, so it's really rad to be presenting films that we'd cover in the zine,” says Lancaster.

Screened as a double bill, the evening will feature a one-hour interval with a musical interlude from FEE£INGS DJs (a pairing of Lancaster and frequent collaborator Sinead Stubbins) who will be playing iconic tunes from that films that taught them how to feel.

The films complement each other with their comparable themes. As Lancaster explains, “Tomboy and She Monkeys are similar in some ways – they both depict really beautiful relationships between sisters and sexual awakenings – and I'm really psyched for people to see them back-to-back while munching on a bahn mi.”

Speakeasy will be screeninh Tomboy and She Monkeys as a double feature on Sunday September 15. Tickets available at the Speakeasy website.