Resurfacing in a new warehouse location on Prahran’s Chatham Street is Surface POP with Fibre Femmes – an all-female paste-up and stencil exhibition. “As far as I know, this the first all-female exhibition of this style in Melbourne, maybe even Australia”, says Surface POP Arts Director and curator, Renee McCready. “There is such an awesome amount of female street art talent in Melbourne creating art in so many varying forms, from paste-ups to stencils, walls and words to yarn bombing.”

Far from painting female street artists with the same brush, Fibre Femmes brings together a kaleidoscopic range of works - from the boldly evocative Doctor and Precious Little to the meditative intricacy of Suki, Baby Guerilla and Kaff-eine’s works of storybook surreal. Fibre is the word thematically connecting the works, Renee explains. “Fibre has texture and strength, just like my girls!” Surface POP’s reputation as a space for publicity-shy and rarely exhibited street artists continues to grow. “When one artist sees it’s safe, another becomes approachable,” Renee explains of the gallery’s street cred. “It’s a tight community and word gets around”.

Far from pushing any ‘big reveal’, the philosophy behind the space is to celebrate the anonymity and ephemeral nature of street art. “We don't always need to know who is behind it, what they look like. Street artists are revealing a big part of themselves just through their work in a public space,” she adds. For Renee, the exhibition both samples and swells the tides of street art’s new wave of female artists. “There have always been women in the street art scene individually and in crews. Now, it’s a just little more obvious,” says Renee. “Like anything, shows like this raise the profile and encourages emerging young women out there who want to make a pot of wheat paste or pick up a spray can.”

Fibre Femmes opens tonight (May 27) from 6-9pm and run until Sunday June 5.

Surface POP
20-28 Chatham Street Prahran

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