A few years ago we’d never heard of them. Now there’s an App for everything: Mood Tracker, Sleep Cycle, Fat Booth, Skinny Booth, Ageing Booth, you get the idea.

Generally Apps fall into one of three categories: Entertaining – funny or amusing, a good way to pass the time; Completely pointless – not worth the time they took to download; Useful – makes life easier. The new wave of festival apps falls into this last category. Melburnians love a festival but even for the seasoned pro, navigating your way around a festival is no mean feat. Often schedules overlap and stages are spread out.

St Kilda Festival this Sunday features over 60 acts spread over seven stages. Luckily the clever kids at Portable have created a St Kilda Festival App. It takes all the existing festival schedule information and places it into an easy-to-navigate app meaning you can access the information quickly and easily from your phone throughout the day. The free app also features an in-built map so you can find the stage you want.

Now if only they could create an App to make the line at the toilets shorter, festivals would be a breeze.

Download the App here.