When typically temperamental Melbourne decides to unleash one of those rare perfect days, we’re often caught out with a lack of appropriate accessories. But Basil Bangs understand the importance of a sunny disposition year round, and that’s why they’re in the business of creating umbrellas for the sartorially conscious beach-dweller.

Designed in Bondi but stocked by Melbourne online design boutique Bodega Deluxe, the range of umbrellas features bright prints inspired by contemporary art and modern, stylised patterns.

Their designs include ‘Balmy Origami’ (a medley of colourful Japanese-influenced shapes), ‘The Calypso’ with a bold tropical print, and the ‘Luxury Stripe’.

Fit for poolside or kitsch outdoor party, each umbrella features exclusive fabrics and meticulous fittings that promise impressive durability.

Created for the warmer months, these umbrellas embrace the Australian love affair with the sun, sand and all things outside.

Available online via bodegadeluxe.com.