With all the blood, gut and sex on screen you could ask for, The Fantastic Asian Film Festival is Australia's very first film festival dedicated entirely to the diversity of innovative Asian films in all their glory. So for four days, Nova Cinema is teaming up with Monster Pictures to screen some of the boldest new films from China, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, with movies that will shock, thrill and titillate.

The most anticipated film on the program is Yoshihiro Nishimura’s excessive zombie-splatter-comedy Helldriver!, which is opening the festival on Thursday November 10. Nishimura found sub culture fame with Japanese genre films like Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl and continues his subversive story telling in Helldriver!. Other interesting entries include genres of horror, science fiction, fantasy and erotica with Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead, the big budget martial arts epic Wu Xia and Altar from Phillipino director Rico Maria.

The Fantastic Asian Film Festival will be screening the films at Nova in Carlton and hosting Q&A sessions with the directors and creators of the films after the screenings. The festival will run from November 10-13.