Featuring more than 60 decks from skater Tony Hallam’s personal collection, not to mention originals by 50 Australian artists, Board continues NGV Studio’s initiative to feature works with a particular relevance to younger audiences.

Examining the evolution of skate design from its roots in 60s surf culture right up to contemporary punk and other sub-cultural influences, Board’s highlights includes such rarities such as an inaugural 1982 Tony Hawk signature model and a board personally owned by Stacy Peralta.

“Hallam’s skateboard collection is considered one of the most comprehensive in the world,” says Dr Alex Baker, NGV’s Senior Curator of Contemporary Art. “[It] digs deep into the formative years of skate culture, where board graphics evolved from simple lettering into elaborate artworks.”

As a counterpoint to Hallam’s classics, the exhibition’s contemporary selection features never-before-seen designs by a diverse selection of Australian artists specifically chosen for Board by creative management group Just Another Agency.

Board shows at NGV Studio until February 5 2012.


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