NGV Studio is the newest addition to the National Gallery of Victoria. Located at the corner of The Atrium at Federation Square, NGV Studio’s mission is to present exhibitions, installations and events with a view to engaging younger audiences. The first initiative showcases street art, with Everfresh Studios currently taking residence.

NGV Studio is not set up as a conventional gallery. Curator David Hurlston says “as the name suggests, it’s a studio. So people can witness artists working.” Indeed, its all-glass frontage allows full public access to parts of the creative process rarely seen.

First up in their street art series was local crew Formula 1, while most recently Everfresh have been doing their thing for all to see. With Hosier Lane just across the street, painting a temporary wall lining the glass studio seems a fitting – if somewhat ironic – launch for the new venue. Graffiti Always Wins, the massive finished product of Everfresh’s stint in the glass box, exudes a sentiment appropriate to the medium – part hope, part threat – in a beautiful collage of intricate styles rendered in huge comic book letters.

Of their experience working with NGV Studio, Everfresh’s Meggs lauds the freedom and support they’ve been given. “There were no restrictions on what we wanted to do or how we wanted to do it,” he says. “[We got] the materials and everything funded. It’s [been] a good opportunity to paint and create another piece and get it in the public eye.” No doubt AWOL, set to take over from Everfresh next week, are licking their lips.

By choosing a flexible and consultative approach to selecting artists and initiatives, NGV Studio promises to support and create more engaging and youthful audience experiences than traditional galleries. If things continue as they’ve begun, NGV Studio should quickly succeed in becoming a much-watched space.

Graffiti Always Wins will be up at the NGV Studio until February 24.

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NGVstudio - Everfresh - Graffiti always wins from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo.