Independent Melbourne-based book publisher Erm Books is launching its two latest books, Compendium of Me by the adored Beci Orpin and Silent Observer by local illustrator Marc Martin.

Founded in 2002, Erm Books believes in the intersection between art, design, text and printed matter. Orpin and Martin’s work are testament to these ideals.

Tracing the intersection between urban life and the natural world, Martin’s Silent Observer vividly creates a story of an unlikely relationship between a man and his feathered friend. Set against a backdrop of a hand-drawn landscape, Martin uses mixed media such as paint, ink and scanned textures, which are then manipulated on the computer. The end result is a compelling, beautiful portrayal of the unyielding connection between humans and nature.

As for Compendium of Me – Orpin’s first ever book – the Melbourne-born artist and designer has used her colourful and quirky domestic life as inspiration for this playful, layered insight into her creative and personal world.

Who said picture books were only for children?

Erm Books launch Compendium of Me and Silent Observer at Lamington Drive from 6pm-9pm tonight, Wednesday December 7, at Lamington Drive. Books are available at Erm’s online store, Perimeter Books and selected stores.