As you may already know, Broadsheet is running a photography competition in collaboration with the State library. We want entrants to recreate the photographs from the library’s new exhibition As Modern as Tomorrow in a contemporary setting.

The As Modern as Tomorrow exhibition showcases modernist photography in post-war Melbourne. The collection of vivid images captures the essence of Melbourne in the 1950s and paints a picture of elegance and prosperity; women in white gloves and pearls, men in fitted suits. It was a time when a coffee date was a formal affair, no jeans or exercise attire to be seen.

Featured in this exhibition is the work of prolific photographers such as Wolfgang Sievers, Mark Strizic, Helmut Newton, Athol Shmith, Maggie Diaz, Henry Talbot, Norman Ikin and Dacre Stubbs. Melbourne has obviously changed a lot since the 1950s, but we think there’s still a comparable energy and beauty to the city today as represented in As Modern As Tomorrow. As such, we want you to capture Melbourne as it is at this very moment.

The world of photography has progressed exponentially (the camera was a relatively new medium at the time) and we’re not expecting you to use a camera from the 1950s or to dress your models in vintage clothing. Rather, we want you to interpret the photos in a contemporary way. Be as creative as you want, just use a specific photo from the exhibition as inspiration.

Here’s the process in four easy steps:
1. Scroll through the gallery above (or better yet visit the exhibition at the State Library)
2. Choose a photo to reinterpret.
3. Set up your shot and capture your image.
4. Submit your entry to us via with As Modern As Tomorrow in the subject line. Let us know which image you used as inspiration for your entry.

Winners will be announced at a party we’re throwing in September and will be featured in Broadsheet’s spring print issue. They will also receive a credit for fine art printing at Michael’s Camera Video Digital shop to the values below:

First Prize: $2500 worth of printing credit
Second Prize: $1500 worth of printing credit
Third Prize: $1000 worth of printing credit

If this is the first you’ve heard of it, fear not, there is still time to enter. Entries close August 19, 2011. So get snapping!

It doesn’t have to be such a direct replication but here is an example of what we’re looking for: (the first image is the original image by Wolfgang Sievers, the second is an entry)