This experiential artwork is the result of collaboration between artist Jason Maling and composer Joseph Giovinazzo, exploring the intersection of psychological and musical fugues. The idea of a psychological fugue – in which a person is lost in a dissociative, confused state and embarks on a sudden, unplanned excursion – is overlayed with the concept of a musical fugue, which describes various related melodic themes played over each other.

Fuguestate invites you to ‘make a poetic detour' through such ideas. Arriving at an old, unmarked building in Collingwood at a specific time, you will be greeted at the door and drawn into a strange narrative of a lost pianist, wandering alone with only musical phrases played over and over to hinge him to the world. A fugue is evoked as you and six others drift through an atmospheric building, blurring boundaries between performer, audience and composer.

In this powerful, immersive piece Maling and Giovinazzo create an unsettling sense of loss and poetry, weaving their web of music and stories through empty rooms and foreboding spaces.

Fuguestate is on now and runs until April 29 in Collingwood. Bookings are essential and can be made online.