There’s an informal, everyday quality to Christopher Day’s photographs. He has a rare knack for turning unremarkable scenarios into art.

Perhaps this is true of all good photographers. But Day puts his own spin on things, particularly in his new show END, produced by Johann Rashid, which opens at Curtin House tonight. END is a series of images from his collection of still lifes, dispersed with photographic collages loosely indebted to surrealism.

You’ll see an image of a man bending over a freezer in the frozen isle at a supermarket alongside a collage of comprising photographs, some illustration and some bread and butter packaging. Women’s legs also appear in several images, but it is the tail end of a white Holden that is most recurrent in this show, an image we’ve seen previously in Day’s shows and his book Surprise Tough Times (2009).

There’s a slight irreverence, a wry overtone, an understated wit – qualities that suggest Day’s thought process. But Day’s work never gives away too much. Much of it is in the eye of the beholder.

So take what you will from END, but certainly check it out.

END opens tonight at Curtin House (6pm–9pm) and runs until Sunday February 5, gallery hours noon–4pm.