Dumbo Feather – Dumbo like the elephant, feather like the bird? It’s a curious name for a magazine. But the name isn’t the only thing that’s eye catching about this independent publication. Founded seven years ago by Kate Bezer, Dumbo Feather is a magazine that sets out to be unique. From the design to the content, Dumbo Feather follows its own rules.

Kate says she felt that in a world where so much of what we read is packaged up and regurgitated into bite-sized, easily-digestible pieces that reading long, wonderful rambling interviews and ‘hearing’ a person’s own words would be an extraordinarily powerful thing. Clearly she was right.

Seven years and 27 issues later Dumbo Feather has found a place in its readers’ hearts and earned a strong and loyal following.

Kate has now moved on to the rugged terrain of New Zealand and passed the reins to a new team, editor Patrick Pittman, publisher Berry Liberman and art director Stuart Geddes of Chase & Galley, who are designing the magazine. The relaunched issue has slightly bigger dimensions and is printed on handsome new paper. Every page is filled with colour and life.

The latest issue profiles founding editor Kate Bezar, radical American farmer Joel Salatin, Parisian stylist Catherine Baba, typography nut Michael Isaachsen and renowned contemporary British composer Richard Skelton.

Dumbo Feather has also moved from Sydney and set up a new nest in Melbourne.

“Everything has changed yet nothing has changed,” says Patrick.