Picture 15 guys spending their holidays planting trees up in the Northern Territory with no foreknowledge that their holiday photographs would soon win acclaim at the Centre for Contemporary Photography for ‘Best Use of Digital Media’ and ‘People’s Choice’. What could have been just another holiday story retold at a pub with mates is now, for Rowand Taylor and his friends, a brilliant series of photographs that documented a holiday evidently too indescribable to express over a few rounds.

Taylor’s Dumb Dawgs in Darn captures moments of candid vigour amid relentless weather and the boys’ long, heigh-ho working days. With no stage but the rough reality of the tropical north, their photographs are incisive moments in time that beg the audience to look a little closer, conjuring an in-your-face immediacy that seems to almost draw the Darwin mud through the photographs’ surface.

Dumb Dawgs in Darn runs from Tuesday August 16 until Sunday August 28 at No Vacancy Project Gallery, The Atrium, Federation Square. The opening night will be held on Friday August 19 from 6pm to 9pm. Manning the exhibition will be Taylor himself, ready with sleeves rolled up to tell stories behind each of the photographs from the trip.