It’s not often that you are presented with a really good excuse to drink more, but if a group of ambitious Melbourne entrepreneurs have their way, every beer you buy from them will help buy someone else a lifeline.

Led by twenty-something year-old Simon Griffiths, the Shebeen Social Investment Fund is aiming to raise $250,000 by the end of October, for the launch their unique philanthropic bar.

Spurred on by various trips to developing nations around the world, Griffiths says it has been a couple of years since he and some friends came up with the idea of serving international beers and wines as a way of providing funds for humanitarian projects in their originating countries.

“It started as this very basic concept,” he says, “but it has quickly grown into a much more elaborate idea, which is now ready to be executed and opened up hopefully next year.”

And with a group of more than 15 volunteers, and a range of industry experts like Vernon Chaulker – owner of Madame Brussels and Gin Palace - and designer Michael Andersen – who has worked on interiors at Double Happiness and Madam Brussels – also on board, it will be interesting to see which laneway or rooftop this project lands in.

“We have got a location that we are looking at,” Griffiths says, “but we can’t talk about where that is publicly just yet, and we still need to reach our target amount.”

If you are keen to sample some of their brews – including an aromatic Vietnamese ‘Huda’ – head into some of their supportive pals at Rice Queen, Panama Dining Room and Madame Brussels.