The world was meant to end in 2012. It didn’t. So the crew behind new Brunswick Street venture DOOMSDAY decided to make good on a 10-year promise to get their idea off the ground and open a concept store wearing many hats. First and foremost, it’s a men’s streetwear retail space, but it’s also a place to show their favourite underground artists.

“Our thinking is pretty simple because it comes down to supporting things we dig,” says owner Blake Foster. “If you grew up surfing, skating and involved in the surrounding cultures then it's pretty easy to appreciate where those paths lead you once you get a little older. You look to refine your choices.”

The understated style of the clothing is reflected in the store’s minimalist interior. Enjoying an abundance of natural light, the walls are almost bare but for the artwork, keeping the focus solely on what we should be looking at.

The team here are probably more likely to be enjoying a beer and hanging out than they are to be working in the traditional sense. Indeed, this is a place to come and meet likeminded people, chill out and maybe pick up a couple things while you’re here. DOOMSDAY stocks a range of local and international brands, including Carhartt, FUCT, Palace and Pass Port, as well as their own range of DOOMSDAY T-shirts.

As for the art, a new show will crop up every couple of months. The store is currently featuring work by renowned Italian-born, New York-based photographer Alessandro Simonetti, whose intense monochrome images have documented youth subcultures all over NYC. There’s also a very limited edition book of his work from his days capturing the Wu-Tang Clan on tour available for purchase in the store.

Just to make sure all bases are totally covered, they are also planning on serving DOOMSDAY coffee by Coffee Supreme through a takeaway window in the coming weeks.

195a Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
(03) 9417 2666

Daily noon to 7pm