Remember going to the video store? Remember video stores? Most of the time you’d just get whatever new release there were eight or 35 copies of, but when there was a deal involving new releases, weeklies and a discounted rental fee, you’d often find yourself scrambling to choose an older, weekly movie. Eventually you’d just grab an old favourite, one you’d seen a million times. And often you’d go home, look at the new release and then decide to watch the favourite instead.

Seb Godfrey was the kid working at the video store, giving you those movies. With the second season of his brainchild, Deja-View Cinema, just beginning for the winter, he’s hoping he can keep enabling your VHS-inspired movie experiences.

“This is the second season of Deja-View, so we’re calling it Deja Two and focussing on sequels, double-ups and bringing a bigger and better experience,” says Godfrey. Deja-View has moved to a bigger venue which seats around 160 people. Appropriately it’s located in a sofa warehouse. In keeping with the double theme it is presenting two films (Thursdays and Fridays) every fortnight.

Each film is presented in high-definition and with a number of matched previews, custom pre-film entertainment and various other themed happenings to, “provide more of an immersive and fun experience.” For example, “for our Christopher Walken appreciation night, along with the screening of King of New York, we will also run a competition called Walken-and-Talken where you have to guess if various audio-snippets are Christopher Walken or an impersonator,” says Godfrey. He’s hesitant to choose a favourite but eventually admits he is really looking forward to the Ghost Dog and The 36th Chambers of Shaolin Wu-Tang Clan-inspired double feature on July 18.

The John Candybar is back in operation, too, featuring hard-to-find American sweets such as Reese’s and Baby Ruth bars. Bespoke, film-themed choc tops will also return. Last year’s Boyz n the Hood was boysenberry flavour ice-cream with “a cap in they ass” (a liquorice bullet hidden in the base of the cone).

Deja-View is licenced, and Godfrey encourages drinking, stuffing your face full of sweets, audience participation and hanging about for a chat and a laugh after the movie is over.

466 Smith Street, Collingwood

We’re giving away a $100 gift voucher to Little Creatures Dining Hall, plus a double pass to Ghost Dog at Deja-View Cinema on Friday July 18 (including popcorn, choc-tops and drinks). Sign up to the Deja-View mailing list to win.

Thursday July 17 – Money Talks
Friday July 18 – Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai/The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Thursday July 31 – Weird Science
Friday August 1 – The Man with Two Brains
Thursday August 14 – Heat
Friday August 15 – Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
Friday August 22 – Secret screening presented by White Rabbit
Thursday September 25 – Desperado
Friday September 26 – Wayne’s World
Thursday October 9 – The Thing
Friday October 10 – Aliens/Tribute to HR Giger
Thursday October 23 – Old Pals VHS Tribute
Friday October 24 – NBA Jam VHS Tribute
Friday October 31 – Return of the Halloween Special
Thursday November 6 – The Crow
Friday November 7 – Friday
Thursday November 20 – Christopher Walken Appreciation Night/King of New York
Friday November 21 – Secret Screening End of Deja-View