There's nothing better on a hot summers day than an escape from the blistering sun to the cinema. Stay cool with the The Doors and David Byrne's foray into filmmaking with True Stories.

When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors
From film school students to one of the most influential rock bands of the 60s, The Doors carved out a special niche in music folklore. The images of Jim Morrison - from leather pants-wearing, concho-belted rock star to overweight, out-of-it, bearded bohemian - are among the most famous in rockdom, contributing to a myth that extends far beyond The Doors' music. So where does the legend end and real life begin? Perhaps there's no such thing as "real life" where The Doors are concerned, but DiCillo's meticulous documentary looks deeply into their world, attempting to push aside the 'lore' and its trappings and tunnel into the mind of the band. In doing so, it exposes some truly personal moments. The intimacy and immediacy of the footage elevates the film beyond biopic to a kind of lost letter from the past, bring new depth to The Doors' legacy. Through DiCillo, we see Jim Morrison's eyes as a window to his soul.

When You're Strange will be screening Dec 27-Jan 3 at ACMI. To win an in-season double pass email with 'The Doors' in the subject line.

True Stories (dir. David Byrne of Talking Heads)
20 years after its release, David Byrne's first foray into filmmaking plays as a hugely entertaining critique on Reagan's America - in all its consumer glory. A Stetson-clad Byrne acts as host/narrator on our journey through Virgil, Texas - a town that has replaced downtown stores with shopping malls, is embracing the wonders of computer technology and is about to embark on a "Celebration of Specialness". Viewed through the hyper-real lense of legendary cinematographer, Ed Lachman, Virgil's enchantingly odd citizens (based on stories found in supermarket tabloids) include a woman who won't leave her bed; a pathological liar (who penned 'Billy Jean' and dated Burt Reynolds); and a cowboy bachelor looking for wedded bliss (in a star turn by John Goodman). Featuring music and performances by the 'Talking Heads', Time Magazine dubbed True Stories the "most joyous and inventive rock movie-musical since The Beatles Help!"

True Stories will be screening January 6-9 at ACMI. To win an in-season double pass email with 'True Stories' in the subject line.