It’s Friday night in Melbourne and you’re probably slightly exhausted from a long week of work. There’s wind blowing and drizzling rain. All of the trams are packed full of people (and their dripping umbrellas), trying to get home and all of the inner city wine bars have long since been filled with people smart enough to leave work that little bit earlier than you. Where do you go from here? Home? We think not. Brave the elements, climb the golden stair case and discover the mysterious world of Heavenly Bodies.

The recently founded Friday night dance party is the latest project from a guy best known for his work behind a coffee machine, Mark W. Free (Black Coffee Pop Up and Brother Baba). Combining dance classes from Silver Bullet, the free spirited movements of No Lights No Lycra and a swag of Melbourne’s finest DJs – including Architecture in Helsinki and Two Bright Lakes – Heavenly Bodies is going to warm you up way more than any glass of merlot will.

In what might seem like a strange choice of location, Heavenly Bodies is located at favourite summertime hangout, the Rooftop Bar. After conquering the almighty flight of stairs, Free guarantees that you will be doing little else than shaking your booty. If it’s raining, worry not, ponchos are provided and if it’s colder than cold and the winds are chilling you to your bones, there’s no better warm up remedy than to jump, shake and bounce around like a maniac.

Rooftop has installed a designated dance floor complete with smoke machine and disco ball just for the occasion and the response has been overwhelming so far, with crowds embracing the classes and trying out a myriad of crutch-thrusting moves and Beyonce booty shakes.

Let off some steam and start your weekend completely stress and care free.

Heavenly Bodies goes down at the Rooftop Bar, Curtin House, 252 Swanston Street, every Friday from 7pm until late. Free.

August 24: Silver Bullets, Whiskey Houston and Heavenly Bodies DJs
August 31: No Lights No Lycra, Two Bright Lakes and Heavenly Bodies DJs
September 7: Silver Bullets, Kovacular Spectacular and Heavenly Bodies DJs