We’ve lined up some of Melbourne’s most noteworthy workshops for kids (and for grown-ups to enjoy too).

Karma Chameleon at Heide
Inspired by the current Dancing Umbrellas exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art, this photographic workshop will have kids experimenting with body paint, fabric and lights. Children can perform and disguise themselves in front of a colourful backdrop. The workshop is designed for kids between 11 and 16.

April 5

Art Beats at Heide
How do sound and art flow into each other? Over a two-part workshop, kids get to listen and respond to live music using paint and collage. They'll then learn to use different percussive instruments and perform in Heide's Crescent House.

April 7

Kitchen Art at ArtPlay
There’s an entire kit of art supplies in your pantry. At the Kitchen Art workshop you’ll discover how to paint with tasty edibles such as blueberries, coffee, herbs and soy sauce. Being able to smell, touch and taste your materials may inspire you.

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April 7 to May 15

Flip It at ACMI
You can drop in to this free creative workshop any time in ACMI’s Lightwell between 11am and 3pm during the holidays. Learn how to sketch characters and bring them to life as you construct your own flipbook. Recommended for kids between five and 10.

March 28 to April 10

Painting workshop at Gasworks Arts Park
Kids aged four to eight can learn to mix the colours of the beach and ocean life with exhibiting artist Darin Frankpitt. The class goes for an hour and half. BYO an art smock if you have one handy and everything else is supplied.

April 6

Sourdough bread baking at CERES
There really is no greater smell than freshly baked bread. Ken Hercott has travelled the world learning from the best master bakers. He’ll teach you how to make perfect sourdough so you can recreate those delightful smells at home. We recommend this workshop for older kids, from ages 12 to 16.

April 3

Backyard beekeeping at CERES
Learn about the inner workings of a beehive at this CERES workshop, and about the healing properties of raw honey. This workshop also teaches students how to maintain a healthy hive and the processes necessary for sustainable beekeeping. It’s not specifically for children, so we recommend this for older kids.

April 2

Screen-printing at Home-Work
The kids can design their own tea towels and T-shirts at this Home-Work screenprinting workshop in Brunswick. The two-hour class for school-aged kids covers the basics of layering patterns. Adults can join in too. Tea towels are provided, however if you wish to screen-print a T-shirt you must BYO.

April 5