Called Creating Liveable Cities, the exhibition will include pieces that have been refined from hundreds generated during a 2009 workshop for designers and water industries run by Melbourne Water and State of Design.

A room filled with test tubes suspended from the ceiling, the water footprint of a cup of coffee and a grid showing per-capita water consumption of global cities are a few of the ways exhibiting designers ask Melburnians to think about water.

Melbourne Water’s Acting Managing Director Chris Chesterfield said that State of Design was a great opportunity to collaborate with the design community to explore what water-friendly cities could look like. “Ultimately we want to maintain Melbourne’s reputation as one of the world’s most livable cities. This means finding ways to harvest, use and dispose of water in our cities that are environmentally sustainable and enhance our lifestyles.”

Melbourne Water’s Creating Liveable Cities exhibition opens today and runs until July 23 at Shop 25-31, Jane Bell Lane, QV Building, Melbourne