Miso is best known in Melbourne and internationally for her intricate, pin-prick works on paper, city walls and friends’ skin. A longtime Gorman devotee, her new collaboration with the label, titled walking to all my friends’ houses in the world features those same maps and constellations familiar to her followers, on new canvasses.

Bedding and other items for the home are rendered in Miso’s characteristic muted grey, musk and white tones. Miso found the concept of translating her aesthetic into “things you could actually sleep under” appealing, explaining “I really liked the intimacy of it.” The artist herself lives minimally, travelling frequently between Melbourne and Tokyo and claims to be “pretty undomesticated. I’m barely home, so it was a really good challenge to think about making things for a house, that would be lived with and used over and over.”

Before making art, Miso had always thought she would be a fashion designer and working closely with Lisa Gorman refocused this interest. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and now more than ever,” she says. “I’m really going to try and cure my colour phobia too. Gorman is the first step!”

The Miso + Gorman HOME TIME collection will be available exclusively from August in eight existing Gorman stores across Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand and also available online at gormanshop.com.au.