Inspiration can come from the strangest places.

For Melbourne architects M@ STUDIO inspiration came from a car wash in Blackburn. Its winning entry for the NGV’s Architecture Commission takes structural cues from a five-bay car wash, re-tooled as an outdoor pavilion. When it’s installed in the NGV’s backyard, the Grollo Equiset Garden, it will be used for events, talks and general summertime relaxing.

Car washes are everywhere, but their architectural merits are largely ignored. The NGV installation is no bland, concrete eyesore: adorning its steel structure is a mix of cricket netting, fluorescent plastic, bright-pink Astroturf, road markings, hanging red plastic flaps and pipes emitting mist to give you that new-car feeling.

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The piece is beautifully titled Haven’t you always wanted to run through all that foam at the car lovers? (because of course you have) and it will be open from October 14, 2016.

The inaugural Architecture Commission was presented in 2015 to John Wardle Architects for a nine-metre-high, 18-metre-wide polypropylene canopy of origami-like, fuchsia blooms.

This article was updated on October 10, 2016.