Later this month Melbourne music institution Collectors Corner will be closing its doors at the Swanston Street location that has been its home for as long as we can remember. But, feat not, for this much-loved music shop will be re-opening mid September in two new locations.

First of the two new stores will be located in Curtin House, several stores up from their current location. They will be occupying a section of the Metropolis bookstore and will be catering to a more jazz-inclined customer with new product (CD, DVD and vinyl) from around the globe. The second part of the move will take place later in September when the remaining stock joins forces in with another iconic music retailer – Missing Link - broadening the range and depth of both catalogs. Combining local and international contacts and years of expertise in individual fields, the result will no doubt offer one of the best independent music selections in Melbourne, if not the country.

The decision to move from the iconic Swanston Street store was a result of several factors; expense, location and ageing of the building all played a part. However, they assure us that a shift in location does not mean in a shift in the record store’s mission to continue to providing the people of Melbourne and beyond with truly great selection of music (and movies).