In November, the interior of South Yarra’s Como House will take on the appearance of something less Australian Regency, more 20th-century France. The transformation is in homage to the life of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel as part of an immersive retrospective of the fashion icon.

Coco at Como begins in a boudoir that recreates the mood and feel of France in the early 1990s – it’s the setting of Chanel’s youth, and here you’ll learn about Chanel as a child and young woman. Como’s billiards room will be converted into a French atelier.

In the hallway, you’ll pass the designer’s early hat collection before entering the Grand Ballroom, restyled as Chanel's famous Rue Cambon apartment at the pinnacle of her career, filled with couture gowns, tweed suits, the Little Black Dress, handbags, pearls and perfumes, as well as French antiques dating to the 17th century (on loan from Melbourne’s Anton Venoir Interiors).

The retrospective is part of the Paris to Provence festival, and can only be viewed in 30-minute sessions with a maximum of 25 people per tour.

Coco at Como is running November 24 to November 26. 20 tickets per session will be available online for pre-booking at $12, with an extra five tickets per session available for purchase on the day.