With summer just around the corner, every cinephile worth their salt is now looking forward to lounging on a deck chair under the stars and taking in what Melbourne’s, thankfully many, outdoor cinemas have to offer. Rooftop Cinema has just released the first half of their program, and it’s a feast of delights for film lovers of every stripe.

This year there are several film series devoted to filmmakers and actors that allow you to explore their work in greater detail. Starting off in December there’s a focus on Woody Allen, featuring Vicky Christina Barcelona, Manhattan, and the recent documentary Woody Allen: A Documentary, that lets you delve into the history and inspirations of the filmmaker himself.

Will Ferrell is also receiving some much-overdue respect with the week leading up to Christmas being devoted to his comedies, featuring Zoolander, Step Brothers, The Campaign, Old School, Stranger Than Fiction, and culminating with Elf on Christmas Eve.

Get sucked into the strange, perverted and captivating world of David Cronenberg in January with three of his films: eXistenZ, The Fly (you’ll never look at Jeff Goldblum the same way again), and Naked Lunch.

In January there will also be a Tony Scott tribute, featuring three films by the director who sadly passed away earlier this year: the Quentin Tarantino-penned True Romance, the deliriously enjoyable lesbian vampire flick The Hunger, and Beverley Hills Cop 2.

You can play catch up with quite a few films that were released this year that will be getting the outdoor screen treatment at Rooftop. Blockbusters like The Hunger Games, and David Fincher’s version of the Swedish hit The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo feature, as well as comedies like 21 Jump Street and Bernie, the latter of which features a performance by Jack Black that will blow your mind. And for those looking for an arthouse fix, there’s Leo Carax’s near-universally acclaimed Holy Motors, as well as Hail, the beautifully stark Australian film from Amiel Courtin-Wilson.

Let us not forget all the classic and cult films either: The Goonies, Casablanca, Heathers, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Enter the Dragon, Alien, Stand By Me, the list goes on.

Keep in mind, this is only the first half of the program. We eagerly anticipate what further filmy delights are in store for us in February.

Rooftop Cinema
Curtain House, 252 Swanston Street