It Cannot Be Stopped showcases the talents of three young choreographers and dancers – Paea Leach, Atlanta Eke and Benjamin Hancock – and presents them under the one Chunky Move umbrella.

These three pieces are being presented as part of Chunky Move’s Next Move initiative, now in its seventh year, a commissioning program designed to link young creators with more established mentors. It also gives them full creative control and the resources of the company.

Leach (like the others) will perform in her own work, the lines of birds. With two other dancers the piece explores, “Liminal space, pathways and desire lines.” Eke, who will perform in front of the Chunky Move studio, explores life and the ageing body in Fountain. Hancock’s Princess traverses the building of dynasties and empires.

Dutch dancer, choreographer, founder of a system of movement called Countertechnique and artistic director of Chunky Move, Anouk van Dijk is in her second year at the dance company. Under her, Chunky Move is moving away from props and flourishes, instead focusing on pure dance. “I think Anouk is trying to shift towards people who make work in different ways and consider the body differently,” Eke says.

Van Dijk’s strategy also includes engaging with a group of experimental and independent dancers that Chunky Move’s audience may not previously have been exposed to. “She’s listening,” Eke says. “She’s noticing what’s happening in the city. And then giving the Chunky Move audience a taste of that action.”

The performances will take place inside and outside of the theatre, the idea being this will allow the spaces to serve the work. “The audience will physically move,” Leach explains. “They’re going to go outside, then they’ll come back in. It’ll be cold.”

It Cannot Be Stopped opens June 19 for a limited run of 10 shows at the Chunky Move studios. For tickets and more information, click here.