One of Australia’s most celebrated contemporary artists, Reko Rennie, has just unveiled an attention-grabbing new work in an unlikely location.

The Kamilaroi/Gummaroi/Gamilaraay artist – and veteran of Melbourne’s street-art scene – has colour-bombed a basketball court in Southbank, at Underpark. For a limited time, find it on Queens Bridge Street at a site that’s slated for development in mid-2021.

The work, titled OA_Hardcourt, blankets the court in a sea of pink, green and blue. It’s an extension of Rennie’s Visible Invisible series, part of which appeared on Spring Street at Di Stasio Citta in 2019.

Though camouflage-like, it’s not intended to hide or conceal. Quite the opposite. “I’m very honoured to create an artwork … on the traditional lands of the Boon Wurrung and Wurundjeri people,” Rennie said in a statement.

“The bold and bright camouflage design I created celebrates our visible cultural identity – where in the past camouflage has been used to conceal, here it proudly reveals a strong and vibrant cultural history.”

Make a booking to hit the court for a free one-hour session, or just admire the installation from the bleachers.

Underpark is at 90 Queens Bridge Street, Southbank. Free one-hour, half-court sessions are available 6am to 8pm daily. Book online here.