It might be getting a bit chilly for surfing at the moment – except maybe for the real surfers out there – but what if the ocean comes to you?

Well, we can’t make magic happen, but new surfing magazine Paper Sea Quarterly at least aims to bring the waves to your tabletop, commute to work or coffee break. The ‘Paper Sea Three’, editor Andy Summons, photo editor Tom Batrouney and designer/photographer Andrew Diprose, wanted the first issue to be based on the concept of taking time off everyday commitments, if only momentarily.

The rather hefty debut issue was filled with sincere stories, fiction and non-fiction by a long list of contributors. It includes a travel piece on the Philippines seen through the eyes of someone who calls it home and an incredible story told by a rapper/artist who had his body blown apart by an electric shock. The whole volume is interspersed with surf photographs that make you long for the salty sea air.

There is plenty of material here to appeal to the most avid surfer, yet the magazine’s not all about shots of topless dudes in board shorts surfing killer waves. There is also material for the less surfy among us, with stories about a tattoo artist, musicians, illustrators and photographers.

Nevertheless, even the most landlocked of activities covered in the articles has its connections to surf culture and the beach – that idea of having a very deep-seated passion (whatever it may be) and of the idealist concept of freedom from the everyday.

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