Three Triple R FM was taken off air last night after a driver lost control of their car and crashed into a fire hydrant outside the station.

Broadsheet staff member Emily Naismith was presenting her radio show Ingredipedia live on air with co-host Ben Birchall, when the crash occurred shortly before 8pm on Tuesday evening.

“We were in the studio and I’m not exactly sure what happened, but a car hit a fire hydrant, and possibly another car, and water started pouring into the studio,” Naismith says.

“The hydrant has completely burst off at the ground and water is shooting two or three stories into the air. I don’t think anyone’s seriously hurt, but it’s hard to tell at this stage.”

The car hit two bikes (belonging to Naismith and Birchall) locked outside the station, before crashing into the hydrant and coming to a stop 30 metres away.

The hydrant continued to shoot water skyward for over half an hour, with 20 centimetres of water covering Nicholson Street.

“I went to move our bikes but they’re right near the fire hydrant," Naismith told us, while standing in the street outside the station. "The car destroyed the pole [our bikes] were locked to, water’s pouring out of the ground and they’ve had to turn the power off at Triple R. It might be off for six hours."

“The fire department got here pretty quickly, and now there are kids running around and there’s a guy with a surfboard … it’s a big spectacle.”

As at 8.35pm, SES staff had arrived and were in the process of shutting off the hydrant.