This year marked in the 10th anniversary of the Australian Interior Design Awards, an event celebrating the best of interior design in a series of categories ranging from workplace to hospitality design.

It’s no secret that interiors are important to us (have you seen our favourite cafe interiors?). They’re a vital aspect of any dining experience and not only draw the eyes but also foot-traffic. It’s no surprise that more hospitality venues are paying as much attention to the stools their customers perch on as the coffee and sweets they’re serving on the perfectly dimensioned communal table.

And this attention to detail is paying off. This year’s top gong for Hospitality Design went to Zwei Interiors Architecture, for their work on Code Black Coffee in Brunswick. The architecture firm employed a combination of raw and rustic materials to create a sharp interior that reflects the industrial qualities of the coffee roastery that operates alongside the cafe.

High commendations also went to another Melbourne cafe, Common Galaxia. Designed by design firm Sunkland, also responsible for the design of Common Galaxia’s sister venue Dead Man Espresso, the interior was commended for its dedication to its local identity. All furniture was made locally by designers from LifeSpaceJourney and Illogical Study. The result is a warm space, partly inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian interior design.

Two Melbourne retail venues – Claude Maus and Crumpler (Prahran) – received high commendations in Retail Design for creating a customer experience that goes beyond sifting through stock.

The quality that all venues recognised by the Australian Interior Design Awards have in common is their success in fashioning a space that doesn’t just serve its intended purpose, but also creates an environment that visitors will want to spend more time in and come back to in the future.

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