Kensington locals Jem Freeman and Laura Woodward are the minds behind designers Like Butter. Freeman, an industrial designer, and Woodward, a sculptor, formed Like Butter three years ago and since then has become the go-to for Melburnians looking for something just that little bit different. Labeling themselves as makers ‘of things that other fabrication businesses won’t touch’, their diverse projects include lighting, shelving, clothing rails and custom-made balustrades, gates and even bike-shaped bike racks. Freeman was also recently involved in the production of a US-released video for Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition, producing, testing and operating the catapult-like contraptions in the video.

The Butters’ Light MKI particularly caught our eye, with its distinctive, industrial arm-shaped design. Designed by Freeman, the steel parts are made in-house on a CNC plasma cutter. After being powder coated locally, they return to their birthplace for assembly and wiring. Available in red and matte black, Freeman says they’re designed to be mounted ‘pretty much anywhere you can put a screw or a little g-clamp’, be it ceiling, wall or desk.

Made to order - $320