It’s nearly been a year now since we put out our first issue so this makes our summer print issue the fourth from Broadsheet. A lot has happened in the meantime, and we’re looking forward to bringing you so much more in 2011.

But as for this issue we’ve looked to the beach. James Cameron has caught up with local surfers and discovered a thriving surf culture in inner Melbourne at places like Rhombus. And we went down to the Stokehouse, which has recently been renovated by Pascal Gomes-McNabb, to shoot our summer fashion spread. We’ve also caught up with local photographer Paul Barbera to discuss one of his current projects, Where They Create, and talked to local silversmith Lucy Folk about her colourful new Mexican-inspired jewellery range.

We’ve added a Broadsheet recipes page with help from our friends at Esposito/St Peter's and Seamstress. And as always, our directory of newly opened cafes, shops, bars and restaurants is overflowing with great places to check out, but this time we’ve also included a special out-of-town section with some suggestions of where to get away over the summer holidays.

Anyway, check it out for yourself, there’s some great reading in there to sit in a cafe and mull over, or take to the park or pool to read in the sun.

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