So we’re at end of 2010. This is the end of Broadsheet’s first full year and it’s been a great one. We’ve had a lot of fun keeping you abreast of the goings on in Melbourne, there’s always so much for us to tell you, it keeps us busy.

So we’re having a little bit of time off over the summer holidays, starting Friday for a couple of weeks, but will be back on board January 10. In the meantime, we’re going to keep the site full of things to entertain you over the break. We’ve got a list of cafes and restaurants that will remain open, some places to visit out of town, a list of good bookshops, sunny spots, a pub crawl, cinemas, art at the NGV, and some surfing.

That said, we hope you’re nowhere near you computer over the holiday period, which is why we’re taking a break. You won’t miss us ‘cos you’ll be having one too.

In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas, enjoy some time off, and we’ll look forward to bringing you more in the New Year.

See you around town,