The thought of indulging outside of work is easy enough to behold, but these days we’re all so immersed in our day-to-day lives that when it actually comes to leisure time, many of us are a little lost and unsure of how to reward ourselves.

So with that in mind, Svbscription’s service for men – which delivers luxury, curated parcels to members around the world – might just be the ticket.

With an air of mystery and a welcome hint of surprise, these parcels conveniently cater to the cultural needs of those with fast-paced lifestyles.

Here at Broadsheet, we couldn’t think of a more logical and refined concept, so we’ve formed a creative partnership with the Svbscription team to create limited edition parcels exclusively for you, our readers.

Carefully curated with our editors, the inaugural Svbscription collaboration parcel focuses on the notion of leisure. And as the holiday season draws near, what better time to reminisce and prepare for relaxing days in the sun and endless festivities by night?

Working with Svbscription has provided us with the chance to secure pieces and products from some of the nation’s most noteworthy designers and creatives, all for your pleasure. The package will feature select material elements, which will both aid and enhance your holiday endeavours.

The Broadsheet and Svbscription collaboration is limited to only five parcels, so don’t miss your chance to win one for yourself or a lucky significant other. Sign up today. Enter here.

This Wednesday we're having a party to launch the Broadsheet and Svbscription parcel at Captain Of Industry and we have five double passes to give away. To win please email with 'Broadsheet x Svbscription' in the subject line.

This competition has now closed.