You may have noticed that as of early this morning Broadsheet is looking a little different. What you’re seeing is the first design update we’ve undertaken since launching Broadsheet a year ago.

When Broadsheet was first designed we couldn’t be sure exactly how our readers would interact with the site or how much content they’d be reading. We have now had a chance to listen to the feedback and observe how people have been using Broadsheet. It’s enabled us to make some adjustments to the design which we think will make the Broadsheet reading experience even better.

We strongly believe in good design, which is a too often criminally ill-considered element of the online experience.

So what’s changed? Most significantly, the new homepage layout has more content upfront, so you get a broader overview of what’s happening in Melbourne in a single glance. We’ve been sure to maintain our clean and uncluttered design ethos, but have given you more straightforward access to our rich content.

The directory has also undergone a bit of an update too. Hopefully you’ll find it a little easier to explore and find a restaurant, cafe, bar, shop or gallery to suit your needs and desires.

We’ve also launched the Broadsheet visitors section. Aimed at visitors to Melbourne, we offer a tightly curated overview of the best of the city which will hopefully make visitors feel like locals, even if only for the weekend.

All in all, we’re very please with the updated look and think that Studio Round has done an excellent job yet again. (It was only two weeks ago that Round was awarded an Australian Graphic Design Association Award for the original Broadsheet design.) So our thanks go out to them.

We’re really looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks. So don’t be shy and let us know. You can get in touch via the usual channels:, Facebook or Twitter.

Happy reading,

Publisher and Editorial Director