Initially known for his primitive, curious and colourful ceramic sculptures, Melbourne artist Brendan Huntley's solo exhibition at Tolarno Galleries, Between You and Me, moves forward in a line of expression which presents new works that are both foreign and familiar.

While creating ceramics and paintings, which depict abstract, gleeful human forms, Huntley employs a creative process that may look facile on the surface, but is actually uniquely expressive and seems like an extreme form of eclecticism. It goes hand in hand with the artist's exposure to art at a young age (his parents were both potters and painters) and avoidance of self-referenced artwork.

Colour rolls in waves throughout the installation of humourous, smiling ceramics, which are displayed on wooden bats - traditionally used for throwing clay on a pottery wheel - engaging the medium at its most sensuous, with work that emphasises an old-school, hands-on processes.

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You and Me presents us with works which are happy to see us, and that are simultaneously a little disorienting and a little poetic, achieving an unusual balance of intimacy and gravity.

Between You and Me will be showing at Tolarno Galleries until 9 November.