Visually reminiscent of a Jenga game and those laser cut wooden dinosaurs you used to make as a kid, the Brave New World Lamp started as a concept piece of random, thought-initiated construction. This new lamp from UK designers Freshwest follows the examples of the initial architectural stages of buildings in Asia and the Far East where bamboo scaffolding holds the foundations of buildings hundreds of metres high.

This lamps isn’t that big, but it takes note from a design plan in which each piece of wood is carefully notched and pegged together to form an integral part of the overall mechanical structure. The limitation of using small pieces of wood to create a large form allowed the design process to be as responsive as possible, which means it can bend and move to suit your lighting angle desires.

And if you’re wondering how they keep the structure, made of natural oak, grounded firmly on your desk, the lamp has two weights made from cast iron attached near the base.

You might have to save up for this one.

Found at:
Space Furniture (Moooi Boutique) – Brave New World Lamp $5755