Fresh off the back of a successful pop-up at Geelong’s Boom Gallery, The Brainery Store is packing up and moving on to a new home in Kyneton. Taking over the newly established co-working studio Goldie & Co (co-founded by former Broadsheet photographer Tara Pearce), The Brainery Store will run their Spring/Summer lecture series from October 30 to December 11.

The first of four lectures will feature Portable co-founder Simon Goodrich, who will be covering his process of writing a book from square one, based on his recent release Taking Back Retail). Also the co-founder of Svbscription, a luxury lifestyle service for men, Goodrich’s lecture will offer insight into the challenges and opportunities of working in the modern retail world.

Though a Northcote local, The Brainery Store founder Sarah Cooper has so far focused on regional areas mainly to make “creative community initiatives” more accessible for those living out of the city.

“We chose Kyneton because I was drawn to the way they’re moving forward, there’s an exciting and growing community of creative people in the area, and the lectures are a great way to cater to that community,” she says.

Cooper adds that at only around an hour away from Melbourne, Kyneton is still close enough for city-dwellers to make the drive and participate in the casual learning experience.

“The fortnightly Geelong talks were hugely popular with both locals and Melbourne people, and we’re hoping people will take the opportunity to drive out of town with the Kyneton talks as well.”

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Other lectures for the Spring/Summer series will be announced at a later date. Visit the website for more information.