A few months ago, a rumour quickly spread from primary school kids to their older siblings and beyond – news that somewhere deep in Glen Iris was an enormous warehouse filled with over 100 trampolines and 500 square metres of foam pits.

It sounded too good to be true, like a real world of equivalent of the ‘Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dog Store’ on The Simpsons. Could it be true? Indeed! All of a sudden it was open and it was real, and Bounce Inc has been welcoming thousands of people every week with what they call their ‘free jumping revolution’.

From kids and teenagers to fully-grown adults pretending to be kids, the best part of Bounce is that it appeals to all types and all ages. There’s something pretty special about seeing a guy change out of a business suit and then hear him boast about getting some “sick air on the tramps” a little while later.

Bounce is pretty much a giant playground. There’s the free jumping arena (complete with trampoline ramps set on the wall at 45 degree angles), a slam-dunk basketball hoop, trampoline runways with giant foam pits at the end, a performance trampoline area where some of the ‘Bounce Revolutionaries’ (staff) show off their serious skills, and a definite favourite, the trampoline dodge ball court, where you can act out your wildest Billy Madison fantasy.

Bounce co-founder Antony Morell says that they came up with the idea for Bounce after witnessing interconnecting trampolines and dodge ball in the US. “The other elements have been dreamed up by our staff,” he says.

As well as being the most fun you can have with your clothes on, a trip to Bounce also gets seriously sweaty and can be treated as a workout. The space is now also used for training sessions for divers, wake boarders, snowboarders and aerial jumpers, who quickly put your ‘bouncing off my bum and onto my knees and stomach’ trick to shame. But the magic of Bounce is that it doesn’t matter: everybody is there to have fun and hopefully get some air while they’re at it.

Tip: Wear clothes you can get sweaty in (a certain writer wished she had worn a sports bra). And leave your precious stuff at home, the lockers are open.*

Bounce Inc
2 Weir Street, Glen Iris
(03) 8199 0533

General Admission (includes Bounce Inc socks)
1 hr $16.50, 2nd hr $10.00

Mon to Thurs 10am–9pm
Fri 10am–11pm
Sat 9am–11pm
Sun 10am–6pm


*Speaking of precious stuff, while we were there, a 12-year-old girl lost her hearing-aid in one of the foam pits, which is filled with thousands of pieces of foam. After Bounce closed for the evening, the entire staff jumped in the pit and started throwing out every single piece of the foam, until they found her hearing-aid midway down. What good people.