Flowers seem to have been relegated to being something that are only purchased on special occasions or as a gesture – “get well soon” or “I’m sorry”.

But recently, with the increase in the awareness of the buy-local movement, smaller florists have been playing an important role in drawing attention to locally grown and native blooms.

Growing up on a farm in the Bellarine Peninsula, founder of Daily Blooms Courtney Ray grew up surrounded by freshly cut blooms from around the farm. So when she moved into an inner-city apartment, she missed having all of those flowers around her.

Ray resigned from her job as an investor relations analyst last year and plunged into the world of flowers in January, her aim being to make fresh flowers an everyday delight and not only for special occasions.

All of Ray’s blooms are sourced locally from Victorian growers. Each day, the now-florist wakes at 4am to get to the Melbourne fruit, vegetable and flower market in west Melbourne to collect stock for the bouquet of the day. What goes into the bouquet of the day depends on what is in season and what the local growers are selling on the day. To prevent waste, only one bouquet is available every day and when the day’s arrangement sells out, Daily Blooms’ customers will have to wait for the next day’s fresh bouquet.

“Unfortunately, many flowers you see today in supermarkets and florists have been imported from overseas,” explains Ray. “They look fine, but in reality they’ve spent up to a fortnight in transit. So they’ve gathered a significant carbon footprint before it even gets to you, and once they’re taken out of refrigeration they’re bound to have a shorter lifespan. I like my customers to enjoy their bouquets for a while.”

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To get blooms delivered to your doorstep, customers can order a once-off delivery for $30, sign up to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription for $28, or get flowers weekly for a month for $115.