Hate having to force your classy pup into tacky neon collars and ugly dog-jumpers for winter? Christina Teresinski, creator and owner of Best in Park dog accessories, knows that you shouldn’t have to. In fact, you and your beloved pooch deserve better. Much better.

“I’ve always loved dogs,” she says. “It all starts from there.” After feeling fed up with the constant struggle of finding a classic, no-bling collar for her beloved pup Walter, Teresinski decided to take matters into her own hands with Best in Park. “Dogs can look dapper, too,” she urges.

Starting as a one-woman, one-dog team back in 2009, Teresinski (with Walter as model) designed and handcrafted all of the products herself. Now, almost two years in, you can find Best in Park in stores across the country.

What’s unique about these doggie goods is their immaculate craftsmanship. “We only use the highest quality leathers and materials we can source,” Teresinski says. And with her background in fashion, marketing and product development, Teresinski truly has an eye for both function and beauty.

All Best in Park goods are handmade by Teresinski and her small team of craftspeople. With leather from UK equestrian company J&E Sedgwick & Co., Best in Park collars and leads have a sturdy but elegant finish. “Even our engraver does Tiffany’s work, so the authenticity is reflected in the finished product.”

After meeting in the place where all of Teresinski’s good ideas are born – the dog park – she, photographer Nick Blair and stylist Sarah Banger struck inspiration for the latest Best in Park campaign. It features an assembly of Best in Park’s handsomest hound customers and their humans purveying classic gentlemanly style, adorned in tweed bowties, coats and bespoke leather collars and leads.

For Teresinski, it’s about creating something unique for dogs and their owners “Best in Park is a niche brand and I like that aspect of it,” she says. “I want to keep it special… It’s all about them really.”

Best in Park is available at Safari Living and online.