When you hear about an art exhibition and ‘retail initiative’ put on by a beer brand featuring artists’ interpretations of the bottle label, you can’t be blamed for a certain amount of cynicism.

But to their credit, Asahi has produced an impressive show worthy of some genuine interest. The success of Silver and Black lies in the collaboration. Curators Urchin Associates have brought together a group of artists whose work they feel embrace wabi-sabi, or the idea of finding beauty in the imperfect. Among others, Silver and Black features work from some notable local and international artists such as Andrew Curtis, Dave Kinsey and Dylan Martorell.

The exhibition is being held at 1000£ Bend which has been fit out by Moth Design and is being widely regarded as the best this space has looked.

Rather than an overtly branded project, this feels more like an exhibition with support from Asahi. Happily they’ve stepped back and allowed the work some space to be enjoyed.

Silver and Black
1000 £ Bend - 361 Little Lonsdale Street
April 8th — April 18th