Local artists Renee Cosgrave, Minna Gilligan, Andrzej Nowicki, Nicholas Ryrie and collaborative duo Raphael Rizzo and Rhys Mitchell (better known as Watermelon Sugar) are creating public artworks within window boxes looking over the Yarra River as part of a spatial reactivation initiative.

"The artists determine their own timetables to work publicly within the space and create site-specific work,” says curator Louise Klerks (of the Chapter House Lane gallery off Flinders Street) of residencies.

“It's not a marathon or endurance piece, but the majority of the artists want to be in there as much as possible over the exhibition period. We wanted artists that could play with the exterior and interior spaces, and work directly on the windows too, interacting with passersby."

While the contributing artists work in differing formats and mediums, according to Klerks they all display continuities. "There's definitely a common theme between all the artists," she says. "Collectively their work is bright, fun and colourful. It's all a bit psychedelic and almost has a 60s aesthetic, brought out through different mediums and methods."

The artists will work continuously on a rotating timetable for the duration of the exhibition, giving passersby plenty of opportunities to observe the space transforming over the month of February (before a closing event on March 1). South Wharf Promenade is also using Instagram to engage the public, giving onlookers the chance to win a $300 dinner at a restaurant in the area simply by posting work-in-progress pictures of the windows with the hashtag #swpwindow.