For 12 years, the former Collingwood Technical College sat empty, slated for a redevelopment that will finally begin in February.

Intermission is an experimental exhibition spread over the building's three storeys, curated by 23-year-old Georgia Goodnow (GOODIE) for gallery Juddy Roller. The show features 37 local, national and international artists including Kitt Bennett, Hiroko Okada and Lester Francois, whose temporary works will disappear after this weekend.

The artists, whose practices span graffiti, sculpture, painting, performance and more, were given total creative freedom to intervene in and change the abandoned classrooms and corridors in any way they wanted. And it's noticeable.

Enter one room, you'll find it saturated in pink paint with chairs stuck to the ceiling. In another, blue illustrations creep across century-old walls. There's a hallway filled with butterflies, and painted-over chalkboards. And something special is hidden in the old caretaker's cottage.

Intermission will disappear on Sunday January 21. It's open daily from 10am to 4pm at the Collingwood Arts Precinct. Find out more here.